Noah — Fall/Winter 2015 Lookbook


A few months on from the initial announcement that he would be reviving the line, Brendon Babenzien’s Noah clothing opened its flagship store on New York’s Mulberry Street on October 15th with an online store opening shortly after. Now the label has come through with an official campaign lookbook showcasing pieces from the collection.


Overall the collection is as you’d expect from the ex-Creative Director of Supreme; a calm, matured approach to classic streetwear and casual apparel. On the lower end of the range you’ve got straightforward graphic t-shirts that reference punk rock culture and a broad Americana theme, moving up to simple plaid shirts and sweats.


Then you’ve got the more high-end pieces in the range such as military-inspired double-pleated trousers, a striped peak-collared suit jacket and a [fucking spectacular] shearling duffle coat with leather shoulder panels.

The standout piece for me, however, has to be a piece that straddles the line between those two sections. The double-breasted flannel shirt pretty much embodies the intersection between streetwear and high-fashion that made Supreme one of the most influential menswear labels of the 21st century and it’s beautiful. Every time   I want to stand outside Hammersmith tube station smoking a cigarette held with my forefinger and thumb. That shirt is the Joe Camel of shirts.


Otherwise you’ve got some nice, well-executed accessories like a pilled-wool snapback, small logo ball caps and beanies and patterned belts. For a first collection from a streetwear authority branching out on his own (once more), it’s everything it should be; clear, concise, collected and communicative of a broader picture.


I’m admittedly quite enamored by a lot of Noah, and I’m comfortable to accept there’s probably a few reasons for this. Firstly, as discussed countless times I’m a sucker for backstories and nostalgia, so the brand’s rooting in Babenzien’s own youth and experiences is really appealing, as well as the brand’s own return from the ashes having been wound down several years previously.


Then there’s the fact that, as far as my inauguration into fashion goes, I’m an alumni of the University of Supreme. There’s no denying that discovering the brand and getting into it as a teenager, the straightforward accessible style of Supreme contributed a lot to my understanding of what style is.


Nowadays the brand means something different to me, for better or worse, and I’m a bit older and looking for something slightly different (Boyswear II Menswear). As Babenzien’s calmer, matured approach to menswear after moving away from Supreme, it’s pretty much ideal. And so far I’ve actually been able to purchase the bits I want with zero hassle. Plus.


And finally, maybe—just maybe—I’m a sucker for hype around the new and emerging labels and trying to stay even slightly ahead of the curve with things. But of course, you and I know that couldn’t possibly be the case. Right?

Noah’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection is now available directly from the brand’s online store. Check back regularly for new pieces and stock updates over the coming weeks. Safe.

Noah_Fall_Campaign-1 Noah_Fall_Campaign-7 Noah_Fall_Campaign-17 Noah_Fall_Campaign-20

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