BACON — #probablybaconsocks 2016


Just a quick one to let you know the guys at BACON have just announced their latest release for 2016, bringing back the bacon socks in the OG white and a brand new black colourway.

As always, the Japanese collective has accompanied the release with an unconventional lookbook showcasing the socks in all their glory, as well as the #metalbacon t-shirt which has received a full restock in both colourways.


My love for BACON has been fully explained by now, so there’s not much more I can tell you. Monkey see, monkey do. BACON release, Gregk writes. They’re about £15 a pair, go with absolutely anything, as the #probablybaconsocks hashtag quickly demonstrates, and they come with free Kevin Bacon stickers so I really don’t get why the fuck I still have to tell you guys to get on board.

#probablybaconsocks 2016 and the restocked #metalbacon tees are available now from BACON-index.

bacon_grandpa_009-02 bacon_grandpa_006-01 bacon_grandpa_013-08 bacon_grandpa_008b-06 bacon_grandpa_012-12 bacon_grandpa_007-04 bacon_grandpa_005-05 bacon_grandpa_011-09 bacon_grandpa_002-07 bacon_grandpa_001-10 bacon_grandpa_004

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