CYPRESS Fall/Winter 2016

Just a quick one today to point your attention toward Canada’s Haven, who have just released the latest lookbook for their in-house brand Cypress, now in its third season.


If you’re already familiar with Haven then you know these guys are purveyors of a very particular aesthetic situated somewhere between functionalist Canadian cold-weather apparel and contemporary Japanese streetwear. This is the store where Arc’teryx Veilance, Burton, Reigning Champ and wings+horns sit right alongside Ganryu, Takahiromiyashita The Soloist and Visvim.


There are few stores out there right now that really feel like they’re curating a particular style for a particular customer as opposed to just padding themselves out with whoever the latest trend is. But every time you see a new brand join Haven’s roster, or a slight change in their styling, it feels like an evolution of their customer, rather than pandering to an entirely different demographic.


Hence why it’s so interesting to see them now branching out into making their own clothing, and doing a really solid job of it also. Thanks to Haven’s wealth of connections both in Canada and overseas, Cypress is a pure expression of the philosophy instilled in their brands; high quality, functional, stylish and timeless. Clear influences from different brands can be seen, such as WTaps, Undercover and The Soloist, but coming from guys with such an authoritative position, you’re reassured that this isn’t imitation as much as it’s simply them offering their take on something they’ve lived and breathed for years already.


Highlights for me include the satin cotton military jackets and zip-up sweats, whilst the various pant offerings also look really solid, finding a comfortable middle ground between the hyper-tapered skinny-fit silhouettes that are dominating a lot of North-American fashion right now, and the straight-leg carbon copy cargo pants you get from Japanese brands that are often “too authentic”. Not every day paint-balling outfit.


There’s no need to go on about this one too long. If you’re looking for some good quality wardrobe staples at an admittedly slightly higher price, then look no further. Think of how satisfying it will be next time you bump into all your mates in line at Dover Street Market for whatever dogshit brand is hot that week, and you say “Hey, nice shirt, who’s it by?” and they say “Sergio Georgini”, and you say, “Oh, cool.” And then they say, “What about your military jacket, that’s really clean!” And you say, “Yeah, right? It’s Cypress.” And they say, “Who?” And you say, “Cypress.” Just say it once now. Doesn’t that feel nice on your tongue? Safe.

CYPRESS Fall/Winter 2016 is available now.


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